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Art Realization China is the web's biggest site dealing exclusively with Chinese art

Art Realization China is an art portal which offers a comprehensive overview of traditional and contemporary Chinese art. The contemporary section includes gallery and museum directories, links to China's most important contemporary galleries, articles, artist's overviews, extensive image galleries and plenty of other information that is constantly refreshed to update you on the different events taking place in this young and dynamic art world. On the traditional section you will find extensive information on the history, development and theoretical background of Chinese traditional art. Our site, exclusively dedicated to Chinese art, provides an in-depth overview for people who are curious to know more about the rich background and present tendencies of the world of Chinese art. On Art Realization you will also be able to purchase works of emerging Chinese artists and Chinese art supplies for the best prices on the web.

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Today, China is a growing attraction on the global art scene and an increasing number of Chinese artists are active internationally. The emergence of China as a potential super-power in the twenty first century has sparked a great interest and tendency to better understand the people behind this big stride into the global arena. The works being produced in China reflect the amazing changes that have taken place in this country in the past two decades. This art is intimately connected to the growing contradictions and tensions caused by hyper development  together with a great optimism and eagerness to pave a road to a new concept of what China actually means in the 21st century. The works are mirrors of the conflicts between old-new, traditional-modern, east-west, individual-state and the never ending search for an identity that has yet to be formed. In order to better understand art in modern China, one needs to understand the legacy of this ancient civilization. Art in contemporary China cannot be separated from its traditional background, therefore our site tries to provide a rounded view of Chinese art from the early centuries when it took shape, all the way to the present.

On our Online Shop we offer Chinese art supplies, brushes, ink, paper, Chinese seals, books on Chinese art, original traditional and contemporary art from mainland China and online lessons in Calligraphy and painting.

Feel free to join our growing number of visitors and discussion platforms and learn more about the captivating world of Chinese art.


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Contemporary  Artists Online

Yue Minjun

Fang Lijun

Hong Hao

Zhang Xiaogang

Zhao Bo

Chen Yifei

Liu Ye

Rong Rong

Wang Guangyi

Wang Qingsong

Gao Brothers

Xu Bing

Gang Jianyi

Yang Shaobin


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Cynical Realism

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masters of traditional Painting

Li Cheng

Fan Kuan

Guo Xi

Ma Yuan & Xia Gui

Li Tang

Wang Meng

Ni Zan

Dong Qichang

Gong Xian

Shi Tao

Bada Shanren

Four Wangs


Modern Masters of Traditional Art

Qi Baishi

Xu Beihong

Li Keran

Ren Xiong

Feng Zikai

Wu Changshuo



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Masters of calligraphy:

Wang Xizhi

Yan Zhenqing

Liu Gongquan


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